About me

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This is me in September 2020

I’m Harshada. I run my own home based Cake business and my dream is to get enrolled in Institute of Culinary Education(ICE), New York to become a pastry chef.

My blog “Getting Fit With Cakes!” is about a weight loss journey of an aspiring pastry chef! I’m on my journey of becoming a FIT pastry chef and balance this weird combination of “Weight Loss” and “Cakes” and trying to learn and practice the real meaning of “Happiness comes from within!” with the help of Law of attraction and Principles of life! Pursuing the non-traditional way of weight loss to have a well-balanced life! Carving my own path on this journey of wellness by listening to my own HEART!

A little past digging………


After graduating with Computer Science degree, I was quite unsure about what to do next. With that confusion, I decided to do MCA (Masters of Computer Application) and I took a gap of one year to prepare for the entrance exam.  Meanwhile I started baking and on the other hand, I was still trying to get a short-term job into IT.

After a while, I started feeling that this field was just NOT for me. I realized that Baking and confectionery is my true passion. My heart belongs to this and only this field.


I’ve been struggling with weight issues since forever. I can’t really say when did I get into it as there was never a time when “weight loss” wasn’t on my mind! It has always been there, for years! I’ve been through every diet, every exercise, every self-torturing routine I could ever come across in my life!

When I seriously got into cakes, I realized that now I simply cannot afford to be overweight anymore because cake making demands a lot, I mean really a lot of physical stamina from you.

So as always I dusted the previous failures of my weight loss journey off myself and got ready for yet another one!


A little because it deserves an entire post on it but for now I’ll give you little sneak peek!

I happened to watch Julie and Julia movie one day on tv. It’s an incredible movie! so much so that I immediately fell in love with the movie, Julia Child, and of course Blogging (if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll get why!). It was then this blogging bug bit me. I was surprised and fascinated by this whole blogging concept. I thought, “Hey, I should blog about my weight loss journey!”.

……………… and bamm! just like that “Getting Fit With Cakes!” was born! 



…….and then came The Secret

The funny thing is, this book was laying around my house for about two years before I got my hands onto it. After I started reading it, I was startled by the similarities it had with the Brahmavidya(Mental Physics) teachings. Simply put, it was the Secret which made me understand Brahmavidya and its importance even better!

 In the final year of college, I pursued a course called Brahmavidya(Mental physics). Its a course of spiritual breathing exercises. It wasn’t just about exercises though! It was much more than that.  Its also about learning the way to live the life of our dreams. I know that now but unfortunately, I couldn’t understand its importance back then. I looked at it just as a form of exercise. 

It made me deeply understand the most famous saying in the world – ” You create your own reality!”.

Then I was hooked on this whole concept. Till now I’ve read many different books on this concept of Laws of life! Every book I read turned out to be the stepping stone to understand the next one even better.

On this journey, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve also misunderstood some things, I’ve also failed a lot, I’ve also succeeded! There were times when I doubted it but only to find out its astonishing power in the end. It kept proving me its powerful existence through my own life, through my past, my present and through the lives of those around me. This is the way of life- ” What you put through, you get in return!” , “You are what you believe you are!”.


On my journey of getting fit with cakes, I had everything I needed. I had Brahmavidya, I had powerful diet plan inspired by India most famous dietician Rujuta Diwekar. Still, I kept failing, in both weight loss and growing my blog. I thought I had nothing to write if I’m not losing weight. However, I still had hope that something will work out and I’ll get my answers, solutions.


I cried my eyes out when I read Abraham-Hicks’s book “Ask and It Is Given”. It’s really a soul-soothing book. I felt like breathing freely after a really long time. It was a feeling like a mother comforts her child after a failure that everything’s going to be ok. Everything is working out well even if you cant see it right now. Everything’s going to be just fine! It has to! That’s the way of life! 

This book is like a Bible of Law Of Attraction! The things I misunderstood about the law of attraction, the things I never really understood at all; Ask and it is given cleared it all that up easily. I understood the Laws of Life in a better way. 

It made me realise why I’ve been struggling with weight loss all these years

I’ve struggled with my weight since first grade. After learning about the laws of life through Abraham-Hicks, I learned why I’m still stuck with my weight issues all there years. 

As I said before, “We are the creators of our life, that also means we are the attractor of everything in our life!” Two sides of one coin!

“Being overweight” has been a BIG topic in my life since always. All the humiliation I went through school and college days, all the thing I wanted to do but I couldn’t, eating with guilt all the time, feeling inferior all the time; all these things contributed to the stubborn negative mindset, negativity towards my body and more and more weight gain every year. 

I, now, know that I attracted that! I also got to know that Obesity being the Big topic in my life, I’ve gathered a lot of negativity around it in my mind, means a lot of resistance. 

All I got to do is to release that resistance little by liitle every day If I want this weight loss journey to be fun, peaceful and enlightening. That’s the only way. 

Freedom to choose

The Laws of Life made me realize that we have a freedom to choose. Freedom to choose our own path. Freedom to choose a joyous journey towards amazing manifestations of our desires instead of a journey which drains us physically and emotionally. We have a freedom to follow the guidance which comes from within us instead of listening to others. We have a freedom to live a life of our dreams and we also have a freedom to make our life heaven or hell! Its all in our hands! We are so free that we can choose freedom or also bondage. The choice is ours to make!

I’ve chosen my path of freedom

When I learned the importance of my freedom to choose, I thought why shouldn’t this apply to my weight loss journey as well?

To this date, by studying the laws of life, I’ve come to realize that I’ve led a unique life journey so far. I have my own beliefs, my own life experiences both good and bad then my weight loss journey should also be unique. I need to find ways which work for me taking my life experiences and beliefs into account.

I have a freedom to choose a peaceful, fun, happy, joyous weight loss journey.

I don’t want it to be physically and emotionally exhausting journey. 

After weight loss, I don’t want to share my story as of how hard it was; rather I’d love to tell it as it was fun, easy, exciting, highly rewarding, peaceful and happy!

I want the freedom to eat with love! I want to feel at ease, at peace everytime I eat and that too with any kind of food and not to be fearful about every bite I take.

I want to love my body before I lose weight and not the other way round!

So, this way I’m commencing my weight loss journey on the path of freedom!

Making a fresh start!